Data Science Success Story – Jagdish Verma

Born in a small city of Andhra Pradesh, Jagdish Verma is proud to join ‘IQVIA – A New Path to Your Success Via Human Data Science’ as a Data Scientist.


A farmer’s son, Jagdish worked hard to reach where he is today. Jagdish started his journey of education from Visvakavi Public School Bhimavaram. Then as the trend in Andhra and Telangana goes, he continued his education by joining Sri Chaitanya group of institutions in Vijayawada and opted for subjects – Math, Physics and Chemistry to get into the stream of Engineering.
Jagdish was always fascinated by cars and has dreamt about working with automobiles since his childhood. After completing his Intermediate in Sri Chaitanya, when he had to opt for one stream of engineering, his obvious choice was Mechanical Engineering.

Jagdish joined KL University in Vijayawada and continued his education in B. Tech Mechanical Engineering.

As soon as he entered his final year, he started looking for admission to Universities in Australia. And after he completed B. Tech, in pursuance to do Masters, he met some of his cousins in Hyderabad who suggested him to do a course in Data Science rather than doing any other Master’s Degree.

Jagdish’s brother-in-law works in HCL and when asked about Data Science courses, he suggested him to join INSOFE.  Jagdish took a lot of opinions and most of them seemed to agree with INSOFE as one of the best places to do a Data Science course from.

Journey at INSOFE

Jagdish joined INSOFE after having spoken to Nikhil. He was pretty excited to go through the orientation and looked forward to doing the course.

In the beginning, when he started learning to program, he went blank and did not understand a bit. Programming seemed Latin to him and every time he tried to program, he used to get stuck.

For the first three weeks, he studied for four days a week for six hours daily and practiced again and again till he became comfortable with programming. He used to make notes of almost everything that was taught in the classroom, which helped him a lot in understanding. He said, “Peer learning helped me a lot and group discussions in classrooms during weekdays with my batch mates improved my programming skills”.

Jagdish wasn’t comfortable speaking in English and that’s when he met me. Although we saw him as a very strong-willed person, he lacked confidence because of his language. As soon as Jagdish realized his weakness, he started taking coaching sessions with us to build his confidence and language skills. He worked very hard to become fluent in English and improve his communication skills. In no time, he was able to talk fluently in English.

Interview with ‘IQVIA’

After Jagdish applied for IQVIA and got shortlisted, he came to me and sought help in preparing for his interview. Jagdish said, “The one-2-one interview development sessions really helped me to get through my final interview.”
He attended coaching sessions where I coached him in ‘How to build a rapport with the Interviewer’, and build ‘Credibility’. The week after that he came with the great news that he got offered with IQVIA – A proud moment for each of us at INSOFE!

Kudos to Team INSOFE!!! 🙂

As we keep transforming our students into well-rounded Data scientists, stay tuned for more such success stories.

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