Tech MBA with a STEM OPT eligibility

MBA programs in the USA are generally eligible for up to 1 year OPT upon graduating from the program. On the other hand, the international Tech MBA with a concentration in Data Science at Walsh College is eligible for up to 3-years OPT.  It is amongst the few MBAs in the USA that falls under a STEM categorization. 

What is an OPT?

Students on an F-1 visa who wish to work in the USA after graduation need to have an OPT (Optional Practical Training) and receive an EAD card from USCIS. Typically, students apply for an OPT in their last semester of study to begin work immediately upon graduation. However, hunting for jobs can sometimes take 3-4 months which is precious time lost in the OPT period of 12 months. 

However, students attending Walsh College have an advantage over their counterparts since they are eligible to extend their OPT for another 24 months and thereby still work in the USA for at least 2 years after the job hunt period is over. 

Longer OPT more attractive for Employers

Companies prefer to hire employees who can work with them for a longer duration of time as opposed to leaving within a few months of joining. Having a longer OPT period ensures that students get ample time to build a good relationship with their employer and establish strong professional networks that will boost their career as well as benefit the company they’re working for.

Organizations are more likely to sponsor international employees for an H1B visa if they have been with the company for a while and proven their work ethic. A 3 year OPT also ensures that individuals who do not receive an H1B visa in their first attempt still get a couple more opportunities to apply for the work permit. 

Alternatively, companies with a global presence prefer to relocate their employees within the company to Europe or Canada instead of letting go of good employees due to visa issues. 

Walsh College post-graduation employability

Walsh College boasts of 98% employment rate for their graduates with students working in the Fortune 500 companies and other top organizations in Michigan. 

Additionally, students attending Walsh college get 2 internship opportunities during their MBA. These internships serve as a means to apply business knowledge and data science domain skills in a practical setting and further enhance the employability of students or pave the way for an employment opportunity after graduation. 

Walsh College Tech MBA is designed for individuals who wish to venture into the world of business and data science and build a career in the USA after graduating with a highly affordable degree. 

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