The Most Affordable International Tech MBA with Rewarding Career Opportunities

INSOFE’s collaboration with Walsh College, USA made it possible to design an international Tech MBA with a concentration in Data Science for students from diverse educational backgrounds. This MBA does not require any Engineering and Mathematics prowess to succeed and ensures that students build a strong career in the USA upon successful graduation. 

According to QS rankings, an average MBA school such as Tuck School of Business would cost around $70,000 – 80,000 for a 2-year program. The MBA at Walsh College on the other hand will only cost $34,600 for the entire duration of study. In addition, students who complete the PGP program with INSOFE prior to attending Walsh College will receive a jointly certified Case Western Reserve University certification in Business Analytics.

Cost of pursuing an MBA in the USA

INSOFE students attending Walsh College will pay the same tuition fee as domestic USA students whereas all other USA universities and colleges require international students to pay a higher fee than their domestic counterparts. 

The following chart demonstrates an estimate of expenses incurred by a student for pursuing an MBA in the USA based on whether they go to a regular MBA program at a mid-level B school or Walsh College.

INSOFE students will spend their first year of education in India completing their Data Science training at one of INSOFE branches in Hyderabad or Bengaluru. These classes have been designed such that students may continue working while attending classes on weekends or in the evening on weekdays. 

This option to work while studying and completing one term of the education in India prior to travel to the USA would drastically reduce the cost-of-living expenses incurred during the duration of study at Walsh College. 

Why pursue an MBA at Walsh College

Walsh MBARegular MBA
Save on tuition expense$34,600 – Students pay same fee as USA domestic students $80,000
Avoid expenses spent on TOEFL, GRE/GMATAll competitive exams are waived for INSOFE studentsStudents spend close to 50,000 INR on coaching, appearing for the exam, and sending scores to universities
Work while studying 1 term of INSOFE classes enable students to study part-time while working in IndiaStudents attending a 2-year MBA will need to spend the entire time studying full time in the USA
Internship to apply MBA theoryINSOFE students are given 2 USA internship opportunitiesThe onus is on the student to find internships
Postgraduate work to pay off student loansTech MBA is eligible for up to 3-Year OPTRegular MBA is eligible for 1-Year OPT

MBA Salary Upon Graduation

Students pursuing a regular MBA program earn a median salary of $62,000. In contrast, students graduating from the Walsh College MBA will earn a median salary of $75,000 due to the Data Science concentration component associated with their degree. 

LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report[1] highlights the continued proliferation of Data Science across industries. This increasing need for Data Science expertise combined with the edge given to an MBA concentration will ensure that graduates from such disciplines are in great demand and are continuously hired. Additionally, Walsh College has a 98% placement rate for their MBA graduates with students getting hired by the top Fortune 500 companies in Michigan.

The salary to tuition fee ratio for Walsh College is approximately 2.1 while for a regular MBA is 0.75, hence the time taken to repay the loan is significantly less when students pursue an MBA at Walsh College. 

Education Loan Repayment

Students who wish to take out a student loan to pay for their MBA studies need not worry about exorbitant prices nor the long payment term since the Walsh College MBA is only $34,600 for the duration of the program and would yield almost twice the amount in salary within the first year of graduation. Students pursuing this MBA should be able to repay their loan in less than 4 years with regular monthly payments. 

This international Tech MBA would be the most lucrative choice for anyone wishing to pursue an MBA in the USA and build a career in business management. 

[1] LinkedIn Report

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