Transforming a Captive Unit to a Global Center of Excellence

Clients:  One of the world’s largest HR services firm and one of the largest stock market services firm

Problem:  Both organizations have units in India that have exceptionally qualified leadership, ability to attract super talent.  However, their main work involved serving as captive units helping the parent company in support tasks (software development, testing, data collection and simple analysis).

Goal:  Build a center of excellence in data science and bring it visibility from the top leadership.

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Training phase:  The solution started with a series of workshops for the top leadership and mid-management.  INSOFE then assisted in selecting a few members for the COE and provided full-fledged training in advanced AI methods. 

Solution development phase:  Using the knowledge gained from the workshops, the business users identified a few business problems which have high value and the needed data.  INSOFE helped the team build functional prototypes that demonstrated the value clearly.

Acceptance phase:  INSOFE actively participated in client discussions with their counterparts and demonstrated and defined the utility. 

Result:  In less than 24 months, both these teams transformed from captive units to the global centers of excellence. They work together with business to solve some of the most pressing challenges the organization faces.

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