Why Choose France?

France is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan countries in Europe and is considered to be an amazing option for an international study experience. It is a great opportunity to learn the language and gain a cultural perspective of France. Anyone interested in a rich experience can look forward to the following :

  • French Cuisine – Wine and Dine at the best French restaurants and cafes next door
  • Fashion Industry – The forefront for fashion enthusiasts 
  • Architecture – See one of the wonders of the World
  • French Language – Top 5 languages spoken in the world
  • French People – Love is all they know

France offers a multicultural study and an enriching experience. And in fact, there’s a lot of scope to students who desire to conduct research in modern facilities. “Research and Innovation are the National Priorities of France.” Almost all the universities and educational institutions of France offer world-class education for people far and wide. A large number of higher education programs are available and accessible to international students. “Language is not a barrier, though.” 

If you are considering to choose France as your destination for higher education, here are a few things to ease your mind:

  • Diversified Higher Education System
  • It is all about the Visa
  • Cost Of Living 
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Career Opportunities
  • French language – Not a barrier anymore 


  • More than 3,500 Public and Private institutes.
  • Of 2.5 million students in French Higher Education, 12% of them are from Abroad.

The French government introduced a potent Support Policy in 1998 welcoming foreign students into French educational institutions. French Tech ecosystem has seen spectacular growth and startups are now playing a vital role by inspiring innovation and technology. 

Check out what the French Government has to offer to foreign students: https://visa.lafrenchtech.com/7/about-la-french-tech


You are Invited by the French Government Students pursuing a master’s degree can work part-time during their course (a maximum of 964 hours a year). Students who have earned at least a master’s degree or the equivalent may apply for a one-time non-renewable temporary residency authorization called APS (Authorization Provisoire de Sejour) which is valid for 12 months. Under a new scheme called “Second Residence Permit,” this duration can be doubled to 24 months. Students who obtain a job related to their academic program may enter full-time employment by filing a request for change of status (from student to employee) in their application and attain the ‘French Tech Visa’. 


The cost of living depends upon the city you are staying and how much you socialize. You can prepare a budget plan before your arrival in France. This would avoid an unpleasant experience for every student. 

The basic elements for living include accommodation, utilities, groceries & food & phone bills which comes around  900 € per month. This is the average budget needed for a student to live in France while studying. Visa for family & spouse is permitted while you continue to study (it is conditional depending upon the finances and living space). 

  • Every foreign student is permitted to work while studying.
  • On an ancillary basis, French law allows a foreign student to work for 964 hours in the year – however, this is equivalent to 60% of the legal working time.

If you still want to get into the daily expenditure and of how to go about and manage your expenditure when in France, read our blog on: “Life at Rennes – A Student’s Perspective”


There are numerous scholarships that welcome foreign students. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships to foreign students and 25% of these scholarships are directly funded by the Ministry in the framework of the Eiffel programs to the master’s or doctorate level students. The French embassies help foreign students financially in which few of the scholarships cover costs and living expenses. 

For more scholarship opportunities, have a look at https://www.campusfrance.org/en/bursaries-foreign-students


Most countries have stringent post-work policies ranging from going back after studies to work permits for as many years as education. So, getting a placement has a lull period post studies and then work permits may force you to return. All the international students holding a France work permit are paid to at least the French minimum wage which is about €10 per hour, which is also the highest among other European countries.

“French minimum wage was increased by 1.5% in January 2019”


Not knowing how to speak and write French should not be an obstacle for your stay in France. You can still succeed in your studies without the French language. But knowing French or at least a few notions of the language will always help you to lead a happy life and appreciate your stay. As they say, “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and “When in France…”

“Nearly 300 million people speak French around the world, and in nearly 30 countries, French is an official language.”

One question that we get is how much French should we know to succeed in our Unique Twining INSOFE – RENNES MSc program in Data and Business Analytics and wouldn’t they prefer locals?
Well, the answer is simple.

  • It depends on the job you take up. If your job requires extensive client communications from day one, you need to know a lot of French and the French Locals have an advantage there. 
  • On the other hand, if your job requires a lot of programming skills, just conversational French is good enough.
  • There are several short ‘Learn French’ programs that are offered to international students (Look at this: http://ecolesdete.campusfrance.org/#/main

Learn French in Your Country and then Plan to Fly France! But how?
https://www.campusfrance.org/fr/apprendre-langue-francaise – Check this   

Europe is truly a great place to be. Data Scientist job requires you to build powerful working software and interact internally. The enclosed graph shows the density of the machine learning community in Europe which stands first among the USA, India, Canada and Australia (and hence the opportunities). So, a bit of conversational French will take you a long way.  And that is what the INSOFE-RENNES program does.

So why delay? Start working now towards a great global career at the lowest possible cost giving the highest returns.


Have a look at INSOFE – Rennes M.Sc. in Data and Business Analytics Program – A Unique Twinning Master’s Program: https://www.insofe.edu.in/msc-data-and-business-analytics.html


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