Why choose INSOFE – RENNES for a Masters in Data & Business Analytics?

Moving and pursuing your dream in a country like FRANCE does not only provide you with memorable experiences but, also helps you mature as a person and explore the richness of the cultures. You will indeed be dazzled by the cuisine, historical heritage, dance, music and the greatest of all, the French language. 

It’s time now to gain the upper hand by pursuing M.Sc. in Data & Business Analytics at the Triple-Crown accredited Rennes School of Business in France. 

While being synonymous with Creating Global Leaders in Data Science, we offer an exciting program for students who underwent the Data Science Certification from INSOFE to pursue their dream career in FRANCE.
So, INSOFE in collaboration with Rennes School of Business is offering the globally recognized Masters in Data & Business Analytics. 

The Twinning program is designed to help young zealots nurture the technical competencies as well as the ability to identify the crux of any business problem in real-time.
Students pursuing this program exceed industry expectations with unparalleled knowledge of powerful new-age technologies and managerial skills necessary to tackle evolving business challenges.

Rennes School of Business
Rennes School of Business is considered to be one of the best International Management schools in Europe. 53% of students and 91% of the Faculty being international, Rennes School of Business has its own cultural heritage value. While being connected with over 260 main partner universities worldwide, international research and teaching cooperation attest its academic excellence.

Situated in Brittany, a region that has developed a successful industrial and tertiary economy, Rennes School of Business is just 10 minutes away from the city centre of Rennes. 

Take a look at the RSB Campus and we bet, you will be captivated by its charm.

Why Rennes SB?

With 70% of nationalities present on the campus, Rennes SB offers an advantageous framework to all its students with a dynamic global learning environment.

ROI duration is lesser than most of the M.Sc programs.

82% of Rennes students are placed before graduation.

Accessible 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, the school buildings are adapted to educational requirements as well as to student life. RSB offers all sports facilities, modern co-working spaces, a music room, a relaxation area, a cafeteria, private & modern co-working spaces, a language laboratory, trading room, student residence and what not!!!!! 

RSB has its own Global Responsible Pioneers (GRP) Students Association to help individuals learn and develop better as an individual.

Hear from Sri Yogesh, one of the students from INSOFE who joined the M.Sc. Program in Data & Business Analytics at the Rennes School of Business, about his biggest life-changing experience at INSOFE.

Advantage of being an INSOFE-RENNES Student 

  • Easy & Hassle-Free Admission Process

The expert counselors’ team at INSOFE takes utmost care of the Application process, Statement of Purpose and also explaining the work profile to students.

  • Life-Time Membership Of Alumni Network

We know how tough it is for a student to build a network in an unknown location. So, INSOFE provides access to RSB Alumni network helping them connect to various RSB tied-up institutes, accessible from any part of the world. Students can get RSVP to different conferences being organized & many more such events with one single click.

  • Accommodation

While accommodation is the most fretting thing while traveling abroad for studies, students indeed feel valued and happy if this is sorted even before they land to their dream destination. Our dedicated team helps students find suitable accommodation to make their stay pleasant in France as RSB has its own platform with all housing services available just for you.

  • Visa Process

Wondering who will be clarifying your doubts about the Visa process and how will you overcome the obstacles of the Visa formalities? Don’t worry! INSOFE offers Visa assistance for every individual dreaming to pursue a Data Science career in France. 
The journey from Campus France to VFS will be taken care, once you get selected with the RENNES School of Business. 
Read more about the French Tech Visa.

  • INSOFE makes Data Scientists and not Analysts

In an age where reskilling has become a necessity and looming challenge, INSOFE helps India’s professionals make a complete transformation into data scientists and gain specific competencies in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 
Learn the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist.

  • Piazza

It is an added advantage to have Peer-to-Peer interactions long after the classroom sessions are completed. INSOFE has a unique platform, Piazza designed to connect Students, Teaching Assistants and Professors to help students at any time from any place. 

  • Impartus

To help students with the lectures that they have missed or they would want to go back and recollect, INSOFE has the state-of-the-art, video-based learning platform with automated video sharing of the classroom sessions. It is a great way to communicate with the Mentors, post classroom sessions.

  • 360 Degree Industry Connect

To bridge the gap between our students’ knowledge and the industry requirements, INSOFE and RSB both focus on conducting interactive sessions and professional coaching through mock interviews, knowledge sessions from experts, providing interview question banks and resume sessions. 

Rennes School of Business brings together companies and students, enabling recruiters to present internship, work-study, voluntary work and permanent position offers.

What else does a Data Science Aspirant need? 
To be a part of this revolution, click here and know about how to plan for your abroad stay.

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