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A Unique Twinning Program

World-Class Business and Engineering Schools collaborate to offer a
Master’s Program specially designed for the Techno - Manager Aspirants

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Skills for the Digital World

An extreme edge engineering program intertwined seamlessly with the breadth of its business applications.

The program intends to transform engineers into futuristic techno-managers that can lead their organizations into advancements fueled by Data…

INSOFE and Rennes SB

v Unmatched Reputation


Only school in India dedicated to Data Science education from Bachelors to Doctoral programs.


India’s only globally Recognized and most awarded Data Science Program Since 2011.

v Global Recognitions


One of the only 86 management schools in the world holding the triple crown accreditation, it attests the excellence of the school’s teaching and research programs.


Financial Times 2019 Rankings

M.Sc in Data & Business Analytics



    Semester 1 at INSOFE

    The twinning program starts with Semester 1 at INSOFE.

    In the first semester, student completes INSOFE's Certification in Data Science.

    After completing the course, students can transfer directly to the second semester of the M.Sc in Data and Business Analytics program in Rennes.

    Batch Start Date:

    Sem 1 - June 25, 2022

    Campus Locations:

    Hyderabad & Bengaluru, India

  • india-france

    Get direct entry into 2nd Semester at
    Rennes School of Business, France



    Semester 2 at Rennes SB

    Students transfer directly to the 2nd Semester of M.Sc in Data and Business Analytics at Rennes School of Business after completing Semester 1 at INSOFE.

    This program equips students with key analytical methods and tools that will allow them to become leaders in data-driven decision making by tapping into disruptive technologies.

    Students must choose 2 of the 3 specializations as first and second preferences.


    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Social Media Intelligence
    • Customer Data Analysis
    • Retail Analytics
    • Marketing Research and Analysis
    • Preparation for graduation project
    • French classes


    • Financial Toolbox
    • Behavioral Finance
    • AI and FinTech
    • Derivatives and Alternative Investments
    • Deep Learning & Neural Networks for Finance
    • Preparation for graduation project
    • French classes

    Supply Chain

    • Advanced analytics in logistics
    • Advanced analytics in production systems
    • Data Driven SCM
    • Global SCM and International Trade
    • Principles of SCM
    • Preparation for graduation project
    • French classes

    Batch Start Date:

    Sem 2 - September 2022

    Campus Locations:

    Rennes School of Business, France

  • india-france

    Get direct entry into 2nd Semester at
    Rennes School of Business, France

  • Semester 3:
    Mandatory Internship & Thesis

    At least 4 months mandatory internship. This can be pursued anywhere in the world, including France and India.

    Students are also required to submit their thesis.

Get an elite industry-focused engineering certification.

Get a prestigious full-time international Masters’ degree.

Key Highlights



Study Experience


Diversified Higher
Education System


Intensive Techno Managerial
Education in Data Science


Exposure to
French Culture

Program Fees
€ 18,200

Financing Partners

AXIS_bank    HDFC  


Career Opportunities

The dual qualifications from INSOFE & Rennes SB will add the unicorn status to your profile leaving you with a distinct advantage in jobs and remuneration. Here are some jobs that in general give the highest pay check in the industry which our program prepares you for:

  • Big Data Lead
  • Data Architect
  • Lead Data Engineer
  • Principal Data Scientist
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • Data Science Consultant
  • Machine Learning Analyst


According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of Data Scientist in France is €43500, and the high is €91000.

Similarly, the average annual salaries of Data Analytics Manager is €46000 - €50000 and that of Big Data Analytics Manager is €52000 - €58000.


In all our programs, students enjoy the double benefits of career services by INSOFE and the university partner.

Over 500+ companies interviewed on average 4 INSOFEans per day last year.

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Information Session

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“The best way to learn about INSOFE programs is to attend the Live & Free information sessions. Our senior-most advisors and faculty explain the programs in simple and clear terms and answer your questions.

If you already know a program to study, you can call us or have us call you”

Start building a powerful career now


  • Minimum Bachelor degree in majors with strong background in quantitative methods.
  • English proficiency : Native English, IELTS – waived off
  • GPA of at least 2.9/4.0 (For students from universities with special GPA calculation, their application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  • INSOFE’s INEX is the pre-requisite for most of INSOFE programs. INEX tests participants knowledge of programming, quantitative and verbal reasoning. The maximum marks in INEX are 360. The minimum points for the M.Sc in Data & Business Analytics* program is 50.
    *Candidate needs to further apply to the university and get the admission.

Admission Procedure:

  • Online test of 1 hour
  • Online application form to be filled and submitted
  • The complete student’s academic documents & files must be submitted to the admissions officer at INSOFE
  • Eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview (with the Rennes team)

Application Fees : ₹ 3000 (Non-refundable)

Fee for M.Sc in Data and Business Analytics (16-18 Months)

Tuition Fees Scholarship
€ 18,200 Up to 2000 €*
* Merit Scholarships available

Education Loan:

INSOFE's global outreach program has been recognized by leading financial institutions, and we now also have a strategic partnership with WeMakeScholars, India’s leading platform for students with global career aspirations. WeMakeScholars is a Not-for-Profit organization supported by the IT Ministry, Govt of India, which simplifies your hunt for funding through your educational loan by reducing the redundancy of documentation and fastens the loan process at a minimal processing rate with discounts in processing fee. WeMakeScholars provides these services free of cost!

pgp education loan

The loan approval decision is at the sole discretion of the respective financial institution and INSOFE has no role to play in it. Under no condition can INSOFE be ever held liable for any expenditure or loss incurred in the loan application process.

The following refund policy is binding on all applicants.

  • Fees paid are non-transferable.
  • Refunds, if any, will be processed within 45 - 60 working days from the date of official request.
  • The student is requested to pay INR 59,000 if the admission result is not declared before the commencement of the course or if the student requires additional time in procuring a loan to pay the term 1 fee.
    • This amount will be refunded after the student pays the Term 1 in full.
    • The amount will also be refunded if the student receives a rejection from the global partner.
  • If a student prefers to do the PGP instead, the student will need follow the PGP guidelines of payment.
  • Alumni students only: INSOFE will refund the PGP fee only once the student joins 2nd semester in France and successfully pays the entire fee to RSB.
    • This is only applicable to students who received the PGP certificate. Students who received a completion certificate will not be eligible for this refund.
  • In all the above cases involving course fee, the student can choose to postpone the admission to the next batch. In such a case, INSOFE reserves the right to postpone admission at the current fee structure at which the fee is paid or at the prevailing fee structure of the next batch. INSOFE's decision in such matters is final, binding and non-negotiable. Please see the Postponement Policy for more details.
  • Term 1 fee refund is applicable when a student’s Visa has been rejected twice after undergoing all the support services provided by INSOFE.
    • Student needs to submit proof of visa refusal letter issued by the France Visa Office.
    • The PGP fee in such instances cannot be refunded.
    • The student can continue the PGP program and be eligible for all the benefits of the PGP program, including Career Support in India. Please see the PGP program for further details.
  • It is binding on students to bear charges levied by banks involved in the fees refund process.
  • Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, all INSOFE refunds will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE. INSOFE's decision in such matters is final, binding and non-negotiable.
  • Postponement requests received on or more than 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the program will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE; otherwise, the refund policy shall come into force.
  • If the student is unable to continue in the same batch, he/she will forfeit the admission fee as per the policy.
  • If a student, for any reason whatsoever, decides to drop out of the program and requests to be allowed to continue participation in the next batch(es), the student will be required to pay the postponement fee of Rs. 25,000 + 18% taxes or any applicable difference in the fees for the next batch, whichever is higher.
  • Please note that postponements are neither guaranteed nor are a student’s right. INSOFE can only provide a seat in a subsequent batch if there are available seats. INSOFE only keeps one seat vacant per batch for any eventualities and if multiple requests are received, the seat is allocated only on a first-come-first-serve basis. Longer delays in continuing the program are not conducive to effective learning and hence INSOFE advises people to complete the program without breaks.
  • INSOFE will allow the student to attend only those classes that he/she had not completed in the original batch of his/her admission. Repeating classes may only be allowed in rare cases where the gap between the original and the postponed batches is large due to INSOFE’s inability to accommodate the student earlier. INSOFE will determine if the gap is “large” or not.
  • A student’s request for postponing to a batch starting six months or more beyond the postponement request date will not be entertained for any reason whatsoever. INSOFE may, however, be constrained to accommodate the postponement in a batch that starts more than six months beyond the requested date due to unavailability of seats earlier.
  • Notwithstanding anything mentioned in the refund policy, any overdue payments from the original batch of admission must be paid to INSOFE latest by one month prior to attending the batch being joined, failing which INSOFE has the right to refuse admission or any further requests for postponements.
  • These payments are non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • You are required to submit proofs substantiating the reasons given for the postponement requests. INSOFE has the right to refuse such a request without providing explanations.
  • Should any student choose to defer his/her admission to the further intakes for whatsoever reasons, the student is expected to write an email communicating the same to the concerned person at Rennes School of Business at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the chosen intake. The intake date is the date of starting INSOFE’s PGP program that constitutes the first semester of the M.Sc program at Rennes. Please also see the Refund Policy for such short notices.
  • If for any reason Rennes School of Business denies postponement or in the unlikely event of the study visa refusal, INSOFE’s and Rennes School of Business’s refund policies are applicable. The student can continue the PGP program and be eligible for all the benefits of the PGP program, including Career Services in India under such circumstances. Please see the PGP program details for further details.

INSOFE has been instrumental in having achieved success for all it's applicants with it's pilot batch. INSOFE will provide visa guidance to its students. Students are expected to fulfill the visa requirements of the Embassy of France. INSOFE cannot be held responsible in any way for the outcome of the visa application of its students.

If you want to make a career defining move, these info sessions are for you.

Info session schedule

Date City
07.08.18 Vijayawada
09.08.18 Vishakhapatnam
14.08.18 Hyderabad
16.08.18 Bengaluru
17.08.18 Mysore

You’re welcome to attend our power packed information sessions and get to know on this unique twinning program that combines the best of futuristic technologies and its management applications.

Each info session will cover:

  • Program Information
  • Scholarships
  • Education Loans
  • Fees & Costs
  • Jobs, salaries and career opportunities in France

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