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INSOFE’s Real-World Data Science course is designed to introduce the field of data science to excited students and working professionals.
It is live, online, free and explores all crucial parts of data science (coding, mathematics and business) adequately.

Who is it aimed at?

Many students are scared of studying data science wrongly, assuming that all data scientists should be excellent mathematicians and programmers.

This course introduces the field very gently to all. Yes, we teach programming, we teach business aspects and we teach how data science becomes a foundation for many fields.

This course is an excellent introduction to three types of students and working professionals who want to become data scientists.


Those who love computer science and coding, learn, how extremely powerful applications are built.


Those who love business and consulting, learn, how data science can become a differentiator for any business going the digital path.


Those who love their core engineering, learn, how with data science knowledge they can build much better solutions.

With the introduction you get in this program, you can pursue data science such that it aligns with your field of interest.

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  • Classes are conducted live & online on every Tuesday starting from 14th July from 7 PM to 8 PM. Recorded lectures will be made available in 48 hours in the portal.
  • Every class is associated with an online quiz of 5 questions.
  • There will be 20 classes in total and we repeat them circularly. So, after the 20th class, the first class starts.
  • We make the modules as independent as possible. So, students can join at several points and then complete 20 lectures from there. Typically, a student can start with any odd-numbered session (please see below)
  • In addition, we conduct interviews with successful data scientists working in the industry and learn from their experiences.

Admission and Course Completion

  • There will be a diagnostic test in quantitative and verbal skills. We have 10 questions. Only those who score more than or equal to 5 points are eligible for joining the course.
  • Every class has an associated quiz. As these are online, students can take whenever they are ready. So, students must take 20 quizzes (100 questions). Students who score 35% or more and who attend 5 or more data scientist interviews are eligible for a digital INSOFE badge.
  • Students can display these badges in their social media profile and attract employers.


Those who get 35-50%


Those who score between 50-70%


Those who score more than 70%




Programming track

(2 sessions each per topic and a total of 8 sessions)

Session 1 and 2:

Building applications on images (a tool that helps doctors classify X-rays)

Session 3 and 4:

Building applications on text (a tool that helps support groups classify emails or librarians classify books)

Session 5 and 6:

Building applications on tabular data (a tool that helps retailers sell more)

Session 7 and 8:

Building applications on tabular data (a tool that helps retailers predict their business better)


Business topics

(2 sessions each per topic and a total of 6 sessions)

Session 9 and 10:

Digital Organization: Technologies landscape (an overview of the Jargon: Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Cybersecurity and machine learning)

Session 11 and 12:

Understanding data (tabular, unstructured, semi-structured), tagging, cleaning, storing

Session 13 and 14:

Using data to win in business: What they miss and what you should not


Data Science in Core Engineering track

(2 sessions each per topic and a total of 6 sessions)

Session 15 and 16:

Use cases from Robotics and Data Science

Session 17 and 18:

Use cases from Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and Data Science

Session 19 and 20:

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Data Science


Data Scientists: Up Close and Personal

In these bi-weekly interviews, the INSOFE team interviews successful data scientists from the industry. We ask them the kind of problems they solve, the skills they use and how their work life.

More importantly, you get to interact with them.

Real-World Data Science is an absolutely free course and is offered live and online.

This course is perhaps the best way to explore data science and how it helps you propel your career forward.

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