We Are Applied Engineering

We are applied engineering.

  • INSOFE is different from the regular training institutes in many ways. Prominent among them is the way our faculty and data scientists bring "the real world" to the class.
Notable points
  • Our data scientists help you learn OPTIMIZATION while helping a Fortune 500 retailer on optimizing online orders
  • Our data scientists help you practice FORECASTING models while developing such models for a billion dollar FMCG company
  • Our data scientists help you master CLASSIFICATION techniques while helping a Fortune 50 services company classify customers
  • Our TEXT MINING teachers teach you the techniques they are co-developing with one of the largest supplier of commercial data in the world
  • Our BIG DATA engineers teach you HADOOP ECOSYSTEM concepts while helping one of India's largest banks and online travel and hospitality agencies
Real-time experience
You get the Corporate Edge through these real-time experiences and the real-world cutting edge knowledge that your classrooms are packed with. Not just PowerPoints without context that are filled with theoretical stuff.
Big Data Analytics @ INSOFE
Dr. Sridhar Pappu
Executive VP - Academics, INSOFE
"We have an unparalleled commitment to imparting world-class engineering education."
  • In keeping with INSOFE's vision of imparting world-class engineering education in high-end emerging areas, the first area of our focus is on Big Data Analytics.
  • Our world-class mentors and researchers are engaged in active research to develop tools for analyzing, forecasting and predicting accurately from high-dimensional, unstructured and really large data to solve pressing industry problems.
  • They bring in interdisciplinary approaches from engineering, mathematics, management, social sciences, etc. to provide the most effective solutions. They pool their vast expertise and experience having studied, worked or consulted with some of the best institutes (Stanford, MIT, CMU, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, etc.), Fortune 500 companies (IBM, GE, Google, Microsoft, etc.) and startups.
  • No wonder we have created one of the most exciting and applied Big Data Analytics curricula anywhere in the world.
  • Equipped with this specialized and yet highly applied, contemporary and industry-relevant knowledge, our students are best prepared to assume leadership roles in organizations that demand smart, creative, well-trained professionals who can take effective decisions based on data and facts than purely on intuition.